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It is not easy to decide the accurate mask size for your facial structure. We recommend taking measurements exactly using the method as described below. This is the most precise way to determine your correct mask size for a comfortable fit.

1. Measure from your nose bridge (the bony part of the nose) to the tip of your chin. Get someone to help you with this or use a mirror for more accurate measurements! *See fig.1 below.

NOTE: When measuring, please use a rigid measuring tool like a ruler. Please do not use a flexible measuring tool like a measuring tape. You should be measuring in a straight line up and down, from the height of the bridge of your nose (which is usually just below your eyeline) down to the tip of the chin. Also, do not measure past the tip of your chin.

2. Match your measurement with the given sizes below to find your correct sizing.


Fig 1.


Fig 2.


A proper fit is key to efficient filtration and comfort. There are a few tips and tricks to help fit your mask properly.

1. When putting your mask on, position the top most part of your mask on the top most part of your nose, then lower your mask to cover your mouth and chin. Adjust the strap(s) in a position comfortable for you.

TIP:  Always remember to take note of your hand hygiene! Use a hand sanitiser or wash your hands with soap and water to ensure clean hands before putting on your mask.

2. After donning your mask, ensure that your mask is symmetrical on your face. The nose-piece should sit comfortably on your nose bridge as well. 

3. Inhale and exhale several times after putting on your mask. You should not have difficulties breathing!

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