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2020 has been a year of more downs than ups for many.


Many of us have had to pause on our endeavours towards our dreams of getting that project completed or secured, that promotion or job position, that house or car, that love interest, and the list goes on.


Now that the world is emerging from a global lock-down and the world economy is slowly rebooting, most of us are eager to step out of our safe houses and continue in the pursuit of our dreams with renewed vigour.


"After all, what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger" 

But before we can even start working towards our dreams again, we have to try to adapt to the new measures in that have been put in place. Although this is not easy, many professionals alike will have to try to adjust to this ‘new norm’.

This is where THE MASUKU hopes to make a difference, or rather - to erase that difference.


How so?


THE MASUKU cushions your transition into the ‘new norm’.

THE MASUKU enters with a mission to help you stay focused on your endeavours and make each day a breeze for you.

Designed with Japanese values of quality, comfort and elegance, THE MASUKU protects you and your loved ones* while keeping you comfortable and helping you look professional for every occasion that builds toward your success. 

THE MASUKU features a newly developed 3+1 layered reusable mask where the "+1” is a specially designed filter to be attached onto the innermost layer of the mask.


Apart from having good filtration capabilities (BFE>98%, PFE>95%; Nelson Labs tested), THE MASUKU is more environmentally-friendly as it can be reused again with the replaceable filter.


The 3-layered mask itself has filtration capabilities better than the run-of-the-mill cloth masks, even after rinsing. THE MASUKU FILTER* utilises an ultra-thin technology that ensures better breathability and greater comfort for the wearer.

THE MASUKU is designed with a 3D ergonomic structure to fit your face, making it more comfortable for you, and effectively minimizes your exposure to external harmful pollutants in the air.


It comes in 4 sizes (XS, S, M, L), making it easier for you and your loved ones to find the perfect fit.


*THE MASUKU is available in child sizes.


For every individual to have the freedom to pursue their dreams in life.


To help every professional stay focused on your endeavours and make living day to day easier for you and your loved ones.


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