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Simple and classy, THE MASUKU enhances your professional image for your Personal Brand Success.


The elegant, smooth, and matte texture of the high grade fabric on the outer layer matches any outfit. You can pair THE MASUKU with any suit, shirt or dress, conveniently enhancing your professional image for business success.


All of THE MASUKU’s fabrics have been tested for colour fastness to ensure that the colour does not run and maintains a high level of durability.



The 3D structure of THE MASUKU helps to accentuate your features and makes you look neat and professional.  


While some masks rely solely on the ear straps to hold them in place, THE MASUKU relies on touch points to support your mask (nose, ears, jawline/chin). This removes the unnecessary tension around your face (while wearing a mask) and unsightly mask impressions (upon removing it), making you look polished, always.



Colours² of THE MASUKU are specifically chosen for the following reasons:


Black - Black fits any outfit and is great for all occasions. Black exudes power, authority and intelligence. It’s a strong colour, suitable for any professional setting.


Dark Blue - A versatile colour that fits outfits of any colour. Dark Blue is the color of trust, dependability and strength. It works great for business engagements and helps to calm those who view it. Dark blue is less aggressive than black.

Red - A colour of passion, confidence, and success. Red works well for charismatic leaders and salespeople who need to close a deal. It has been scientifically proven that both men and women are attracted to people having even a hint of red in their attire



Need a customized mask for your corporate brand identity


Contact us and we will help you to achieve that. We can also engage style consultants³ for you should you want to customize masks to your personal or corporate style. 






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