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"With the working professional in mind, we understand that verbal communication plays a huge role in the daily lives of every successful individual. Yet, many reusable masks with good filtration are thick and heavy, posing a challenge to breathing and talking."

THE MASUKU is designed and formulated to have the right balance of filtration and breathability. The mask’s structure allows for some breathing space between your face and the fabric while creating a seal so you are protected from external contaminants.


Furthermore, the outermost layer of the mask is made with materials that are specially blended together to create a more breathable fabric.


The inner layer features fabric that is woven in a waffle pattern, which provides some moisture absorbance for more increased comfort.


Last but not least, THE MASUKU’s Ultra-Thin Filter explains itself.



"We do not want you to relive the days when you first got your newly-fitted glasses or spectacles, where the sudden introduction of the weight of the glasses on your nose and ears starts to cause you discomfort or even headache in some cases."


Wearing a new accessory may cause discomfort or headaches due to the extra weight.


Luckily, THE MASUKU comprises a unique blend of materials that does not compromise on your comfort. Depending on the size you choose, THE MASUKU weighs as little as 7g.



The design team experimented with different shapes and formulas before finding that the current shape of THE MASUKU provides better support for the user. 


THE MASUKU’s special 3D structure wraps around your face perfectly with a unique feature at the chin/jawline — the extra fabric (with same composition as the main portion) is sewn separately here to ensure a better fit. This provides a better seal to protect you from harmful pollutants and bacteria, and supports the mask on your face by taking some weight off your nose and ears.


Even though it may take more time and is more costly to produce, THE MASUKU team feels that safety and comfort should never be compromised.

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